Project Three
Rebrand the Boring, Tired & Uncool

Design school is a fantastic place to learn beacuse you have so much control over your projects and assignments. 

Many times as a practicing designer projects are assigned to you that aren’t as inherently fun or cool as things like a food truck or brewery. Designers often say that these projects only pay the bills or are “boring”. They are really neither of these things and are instead unique challenges with a different set of rules. For this assignment you will be assigned to rebrand a “boring” company and give it a new unique brand that turns on its head the ideas associated with that industry. 

For this project you will be creating a logo and brand system for a organization / company. This list of your choices is below.

This project will involve quite a bit of research both to understand what your organization/company does, as well as the existing landscape of design.. You will also need to create an additonal group of applications extending the new brand you have created. 

Logo construction will a critical part of this project and you will turn in your files digitally as part of your grade. 

In addtion to an overall branding system you will create some specific application to show how your brand system can be applied.For all of these think about what would be functional and useful for your sp;ecifc business. You may choose (2) of the following:

1) Stationary System - Bussiness card, letterhead, envelope, mailing label, invoice.
2) Vehicle Branding/Uniform - Truck, car, larger vehicle, employee uniform
3) Icon System - (8-10 Icons) Can represent different areas of the bussiness/organization, processes, or I am open to other ideas.
4) Poster Set - 4 Posters that showcase company values, specific projects, or other components of your brand.

  • Plumber
  • Commercial Painter
  • Car Mechanic / Tire Shop
  • Concrete Provider
  • Courier Service
  • Janitorial Service
  • Waste Managment (Dumpsters)
  • Convience Store
  • Electrician
  • Septic Tank Service
  • Box Manufacturer 
  • Car Wash
  • Locksmith

 1. Big Jon's Plumbing (Plumber) 

2. White Dog Painting (Commercial Painter)

3. Hank's Auto Repair (Mechanic)

 4. Geiger Ready Mix Co (Concrete Provider)

 5. Classic Courier Inc (Courier Service) 

6. Alpha Dumpsters (Waste Removal) 

 7. Grand Slam Convenience (Convenience Store)

8. Voltage Enterprises (Electrician)

 9. A-1 Sewer And Septic Service (Septic Tank Service)

10. Arrowhead Containers Inc (Box Manufacturer)

11. Speedy Cleaners & Laundry (Dry Cleaner)

12. Mr. Locksmith (Locksmith)

13. The Car Pool (Carwash)

  • 8.5” x 11” Logo printed in black and white and color. Short description typeset on the bottom of page. (Mounted) (USE TEMPLATE PROVIDED)
  • 13” x 19” Brand Board printed (Logo,wordmark,combinations,icons,colors,typography) (Unmounted)
  • 13" x 19" Board(s) of Applications (Unmounted) 
  • 13” x 19” Digital File of brand board (On the server)
2 / 28 / 19  


Presentation of project. Choose your company/organization from the list above.


Start brainstorming your company and its history. Have one paragraph summary of the history for next class.  Also include 3-5 taglines. Create a word list and a concept map to help you narrow down your ideas. Do a visual audit of brands / other companies in your space? Create three seperate moodboards for directions of the brand, Push them in different directions.

3 / 5 / 19 


Review visual audits, concept maps, and word
for your brand/company


Start sketching on the company/organization that you chose. 50 sketches. Use a pencil and paper. Graph paper could help you keep things in scale and aligned. Explore literal and abstract concepts for a wide variety of solutions. Also think about monograms and characters / mascots.

3 / 7 / 19


Critique pencil sketches


Continue sketching or move into the computer. Begin to develop your three brand concepts. Use your hisotry and research to make them feel different. Even within one moodboard you will have plenty of room to explore. You will be presenting to the class in a similar format to the example shown today on 3/21. Be prepared to present like your would be presenting/pitching to a client. You will be receving a grade on your presentation.

Build (3) distinct concepts using different marks, colors, typography, and style. Think about primary, secondary, and different lock ups? Explore color, typography. Do sevderal explorations of applications for eah concept. See how you can extend the brands you have created.

3 / 19 / 19


Critique of brand presentations /
brand concepts


Concept presentations due next class. Have them on the server before class starts. Be prepared to present and talk through your ideas / concepts. You will be recieving a grade for this presentation and also getting feedback from your classmates.

Build (3) distinct concepts using different marks, colors, typography, and style. Think about primary, secondary, and different lock ups? Explore color, typography. Do sevderal explorations of applications for eah concept. See how you can extend the brands you have created.

3 / 21 / 19  


Present your brand concepts to the class /
give and recieve feedback on your
different directions.


Pick a final direction(s) to refine based on your classmates feedback. Do MORE EXPLORATION around your now more solidified idea. MAKE LOTS OF STUFF!

Make refinements and continue to explore the differrent ways you can extend your brand. 

How do things begin to lock up together? Do they combine into one mark or exist seperately? Even seperately how can they relate to one another. Typographically how can you create lock up's that can stand alone?

Bring in  (1-2) refined brand concepts with some explorations for applications in a similar format to your presentation but printed off so we can pin them up.

3 / 26 / 19  


Critique Concepts


Continue to  refine your concept.  Test for scale and reverse. Explore lock ups and alignments. Primary and secondayr marks. Patterns, Illustrations, Badges, etc.

How can you extend your logo to addtional applications? Don't just slap it on things. Start exploring your final applications and what they can look like?

Print your refined brand concept and applicaitons for class.

3 / 28 / 19  


Critique Concepts


Finalize your brand system and all your marks. Begin to finalize your applications. Think about scale and how you can expand your brand rather than just placing the logo on things.

4 / 2 / 19  


Present Final Concepts


Project Due next class. Refine based on feedback and get all of your applications finalized. Work on scale and presentation of your assets. Project Due next class! 

4 / 4 / 19  


Project Due

Begin Project 4


See Project 4