Project One
Personal Monogram

Create a compelling customized logotype using the initials of your name (2 or 3 letters). The logomark must work on its own, work large, small, in print, on screen and and locked up with your name.

A logomark is an identifying mark or symbol that doesn't’t contain the business name. Think of the Nike ‘tick’, Shell, WWF, Mercedes or Adidas for examples.

A logotype refers to words or the name of a business that is designed in a special way. Examples include: Pinterest, eBay, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, Google, CNN, Kodak, FedEx...

You are creating a logotype also could be referred to as a monogram


PDF Presentation (Final presentation and process) (Google Drive / Under 100 MB)

Illustrator File of Final Monogram (Googe Drive)

Animation 1080 px by 1080 px (Photoshop or AE) (Google Drive)

Behance Post (Link on Google Drive)

VISC 304 - Class Drive 


-Final Monogram should work in one color. (No Gray / No Transparency)

-You can use color but must show your monogram/mark in high contrast

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Introduce Project One
Syllabus / Class Info


(30) (hand drawn/traced) typographic marks. No computer (for this round).

If you have acccess to a printer. Print off the letters you plan to use in different fonts, sizes and cases. Use tracing paper to sketch ideas using the letters for reference. 

If you don't have access to a printer. Make a pdf to look at as you sketch. 

Don't look at any references yet. Use the questions below to prompt you for different Solutions.

 -Use parts the letters

-How can you customize the letters into a logotype?

-How can you use one letter to create another letter?

-How can you make the round letters more square?

-How can you make more square letters look round?

-Try to make your round letters more rectilinear?

-Try to make all your straight letters more round?

-Try combining letters that are from different styles (what is a style?)

-Try combining 2 different fonts?

 -Try combining using different sizes of letters?

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Review Sketches


(60) analog (hand drawn/traced) typographic marks. No computer (for this round).

Take risks. There are hundreds of solutions you could do. You are trying to come up with 60 different solutions. Explore. Take risks. Work neatly.. If you work in pencil fill in with a black pen so we can see your ideas clearly.

2) Closure 

-How can you lock the letters together?
-Can they share parts?
-Can one letter need the other letter to form itself?

 3) the Grid

Link to Grid PDF

-Using the sheet with grid. You can sketch onto the grid or use tracing paper. If you work in pencil make sure you go back and trace over with pen.
-How can you use the grid to construct your letters?
-How can you customize the letters into a logotype using the grid to make the letterforms?--How can you use one letter to create another letter?
-How can you make letters out of just lines? Single or repeated.

This is where you get to be really weird. Just go for it. Take risks.

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In-Class Illustrator Demo

Review Sketches 


Pull your best 10 monograms and build them in Illustrator. Try to pull a range from different prompts and use different fonts. Start to think about how things will scale, thicks and thins, counterspace, etc? 

Pick a range of solutions. Range is important. Capture/write down notes on how they are customized (should be part of your pdf. Part of the process is you taking notes. Making observations)

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Review AI Studies 


Step 1: From those 10 pick your top 2. Pick the ones you think are the most successful and interesting. Again RANGE. You want to show people how broad you and think/make.

- - - - - - 

Step 2: Create 4 variations of each of the top 2. 

*keep track on what you are doing to customize (make notes)

How can you make the logotype better? More customize, more consistent or more contrast?

Construction is important and part of your grade! Merge your paths / eliminate extra points / smooth curves / etc! 

- - - 

Step 3:

— What typeface are you? Try your name in at least (25) different ways (fonts, styles, case)

— Lock up your name with your (2) Favorite monograms at least 10 different ways

— Identify the 3 you like best and why.

- - - 

Step 4:

(3) Story boards / concepts for animation. Keep these simple but show off your mark.

-Use your favorite monogram or the one you plan to take to final.


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Review Monogram Studies / Storyboards


Finalize you're monogram and lock ups. Do variations if necessary. We need to be final at this stage!


Begin Process / Final PDF

Link to Template

Please use the above as a guide rather than set in stone. These are the pieces you need to have  but the format is up for you to design! 


Animate one of your storyboards in AE /PS with your final monogram.

2 / 18 / 21 


Review Storyboards / Animation Studies


Finalize Animation

Finalize PDF Process / Final Deliverable 

2 / 23 / 20  


Project 1 Due

Project 2 Introduction


Homework for Project 2