Project Two
Typography in Menu Design

Menu's are a piece of design that you probably interact with on a daily basis in some way. While they can sometimes look complicated the underlying design and hierarchy are usually relatively simple.

For this assignment you will choose a menu and redesign both a menu board and paper menu that focus on clean typography, hierarchy, and organization. This project will prepare you the develop a typographic system that you can apply to a given project. It will also begin to framiliarize you with InDesign and advanced typopgraphic settings.

  • (1) 18" x 24" Menu Board (This can be tiled together or printed off as one sheet on the plotter)
  • (1) 8.5" x 11" Paper Menu (This can be either a full sheet of paper or folded in the half to create addtional pages)
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Introduce Project 2
Menu Choices Document Set Up


Aquire 2-3 To go menu's to bring in. Use a Google document or other system so that you all are not brining in the exact same ones.

Do (20) Type Pairings as follows. (Use only the VISCOM fonts)

(5) Serif/Sans
(5) Sans/Sans
(5) Serif/Serif
(5) Wildcards

Use the following to set your studies:

Tasty Appetizers
Kafteri (Hot Feta Dip)
A spicy dip made from feta cheese. Served cold and surronded with pita bread.

*You can use bold and italics but not changes in size. All type should be 12pt.

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Review Menus & Type Pairings
(Print off type pairings for review)

Choose Menu's in class


Do (20) Type studies focused on establishing hierarchy.

Use the following to set your studies (see note below) :

Tasty Appetizers
Kafteri (Hot Feta Dip)
A spicy dip made from feta cheese. Served cold and surronded with pita bread.

(Use the above as reference but you should choose a title, menu item, and from the menu you selected)

*Begin to explore mixing size and weight to establish hierarchy between the elements.

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Critique Type Studies

Learn about setting character styles and
tabs in Indesign.

Discuss use of rules and other non type
characters to create hierarchy.


Take your most succesful type studies and do (3) Paper menu design and (3) Menu board designs.

Print off paper menu's actual size. Print off Menu board character styles at full size so we can pin up for review. (We don't need the whole menu board, just the type styles at full size)

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Critique / Work in Class


Project Due Next Class. Focus on physical and digital craft. Make sure you look at the deliverables listed.

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Project Due
Introduce Project 3


Begin Homework for Project 3