Project One
Fast Food Branding

For this assignment you will be branding a fast food restaurant, but not in the traditional sense. You will be able to choose the type of food / Restaurant type that your interested in, but to push you out of your comfort zone you will be drawing 3 cards that will determine the direction that you pursue. This will make more sense when you see the examples. 

Being able to take someones else ideas and attributes about what they want a brand to look like is a fundamental part of being a practicing designer and more specifically in brand design. You won’t always get to make the brand what you think it should look like you will have to give the client what they want while making it look great.

This assignment will still allow plenty of room for exploration as I will let you start to interpret what the categories and descriptors actually mean. With this in mind I will still be grading you based on how well you have developed the brand to match the descriptors.

Have fun with this and design a brand that you would patronize! 

Food Type Choices:

- Pizza

- Coffee

- Fried Chicken

- Tacos / Burritos

- Vegan/Vegetarian 

- Ice Cream / Smoothies



- Salad

- Italian 

- Deli

- Indian


- Seafood / Cajun


(1) Logo and Branding System
(4-5) To Go Packaging (Bag, Cup, Boxes, Wraps, Etc) (Fielders choice here, choose what makes sense for your brand and food type)
(1) Employee Uniforms (T shirt / Hat)
(1-2) Signage Applications (Wall Murals, Interior Signage / Menu, External Signage, Floor Graphics, etc)

(Minimum 4 Boards Total) (Please do not mount)

(2) 1080 PX (Width) x 1920 PX (Height) Images that showcase your brand and collateral. Think about how to show this off! 


1 / 21 / 20


Introduce Project
Choose Type of Food
Choose Brand Attributes


(3) Moodboards for your concept. Think about combinations of your attributes and don't silo each attribute onto its own artboard.

Think about how you can combine your attributes together to form something unqiue and different. Research your differnt attributes and the history of your food etc. Concept is going to be king for this project. 

With these moodboards I am much more interested in things are "undesigned" or from culture. Think about found type, pattern, texture, materials, etc?

Try not pull from existing food / hospitality concepts. We are trying to create something new and different not rehash something that has already been done.

1 / 23 / 20 


Critique concepts and moodboards


(30) sketches for (3) directions of exploration and sketches for a total of (90). Think about how these would translate to brand systems. More than just a logo. Pencil and  Paper for this round.

1 / 28 / 20  


Critique Refined Sketches
Show Example Presentation


Continue sketching or move into the computer. Begin to develop your unique brand concepts. Use your history and research to make them feel different. Even within one moodboard you will have plenty of room to explore. 

Build (3) distinct concepts using different marks, colors, typography, and style. Think about primary, secondary, and different lock ups? Explore color, typography. Do several explorations of applications for each concept. See how you can extend the brands you have created.

You will be presenting to the class in a similar format to the example shown today

1 / 30 / 20  



Concept presentations due next class. Have them on the server before class starts. Be prepared to present and talk through your ideas / concepts. You will be recieving a grade for this presentation and also getting feedback from your classmates / others.

2 / 4 / 20  



Be prepared to present and talk through your ideas / concepts. You will be recieving a grade for this presentation and also getting feedback from your classmates / others.

Refine your choosen concept into an overall brand system. Start to expand your systems into illustration, patterns, and language.

Print off brand system progress and bring to class.

2 / 6 / 20  


Review Concept Presentations


Continue to refine your brand system and refine your concept presentations. Be prepared to present on Tuesday.

Presentations will be graded. Be Professional. Practice and be prepared to explain your design decesions and concepts. 

2 / 11 / 20  


Present Brand Concepts


Pick a final direction(s) to refine based on your classmates feedback. Do MORE EXPLORATION around your now more solidified idea. MAKE LOTS OF STUFF!

Make refinements and continue to explore the differrent ways you can extend your brand. 

How do things begin to lock up together? Do they combine into one mark or exist seperately? Even seperately how can they relate to one another. Typographically how can you create lock up's that can stand alone?

Bring in  (2) refined brand concepts with some explorations for applications in a similar format to your presentation but printed off so we can pin them up.

2 / 13 / 20  


Critique Refined Concept / Concepts
Disucss Packaging and Brand Extensions


Continue to refine your brand system and start to explore how it can apply to packaging. 

Sketches and explorations for employee unifroms. Think about how these can work in the overall system? Do you need mutiple shirts / colors etc to denote employee types? Let them wear anything and have hats or pins? Explore! 

Sketches / explorations of packaging concepts. Think about how these can work together. How can you simplify how many pieces they need to print? Customize with stickers etc? 

2 / 18 / 20


Crit sketches / explorations for packaing and
employee uniforms. 


Contintue to refine packaging ideas. Really explore how these could be different. How do these work as a system? Don't let them start to get formulaic. Think about how to use langauge and secondary elements. 

2 / 20 / 20 


Critique Packaging Systems &
Uniform Explorations


Contintue to refine packaging and employee uniforms. 

(10-15) Explorations of signage applications. Think murals, outdoor signage, interior signage etc! How would your brand use singange to educate consumers and explain your concept?

(10-15) Explorations of additonal applications. Think order numbers, merch, drive thru menu etc. These should be thing that relate your brand nad enhance it.

Bring in everything you have made for next class! Print and start to mock up your boards.

2 / 25 / 20 


Final Critique 


Final Project Due Next Class
See the Deliverables Above.

2 / 27 / 20


Project Due


Begin Project 3 Homework