Project Four
Gig Poster

A quick project for us to do before we move onto the final project for this semester. Gig Posters where a huge deal when I was in school and many of my favorite designers and illustrators got there start doing posters for shows. A gig poster is commerative piece that advertises a show/concert.

For this assignment you will be choosing a band and creating a gig poster for an upcoming show. Find a band/musician playing an upcoming show in any city that your going to use.

Gig Posters are an excercise in creating symbolism and meaning. You need to listen to the music and figure out how it tranlates into the real world. Music is generally defined based on how it makes your feel, so how would you represent that on a poster? What lyrics can you pull out? Or do you use the location of the show? These are all things to think about.

This project is going to move quick and require some real exploration so be prepared to finish this semester out strong.

Requirements: Band Name, Opener Name, Location, Date, (3 Ink Colors + Paper Color/White)

No Photography. (Everything must be handmade/drawn by you) 

Some form of custom typograhy is required. Not neccessarily hand drawn but needs to be customized/drawn by you.

  •  18”x 24” Printed Gig Poster
4 / 4 / 19  


Introduce Project 5
Choose Bands.


(30) Thumbnail sketches for poster concepts and ideas.

4 / 9 / 19  


Review thumbnail sketches


Choose direction(s). Move them into the computer. Print 1-2 in progress studies for class. Fit to 11x17.

(25) Sketches for custom type.

4 / 11 / 19  


Review sketches/compositions.


Bring in final poster direction at full size (Tiled is fine)

4 / 16 / 19  


Poster Due


Homework for Project 5