Project Two
Film Symbology

For this assignment you will be creating series of icons/symbols to tell the plot of a film. (18-20 symbols total)

These will be layed out in the a poster to tell the story of the film. In addition you will create a mark or symbol to represent the film as a whole. This can be typographic, symbolic or a mix of both. For the movies you can choose from the list below.

These symbols should be limited in complexity in order to work at smaller scale. It’s important to remember that these should not be illustrations in the traditional sense. Your goal to be to convey the major plot points of the movie as simply as possible. These symbols should not be vignettes of stills from the movie. You will need to use symbolism from the film to convey overall meaning without illustrating it scene by scene.

You will also be tasked with creating a picece of custom typography or a logo to represent your movie and be featured on your poster.

NOTES: 3 Colors + Paper Color

  • (1) 18”x24” Digital PDF
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Introduce project 2 and introduce possible movie choices.

Choose which movie you want to watch.


Make (3) moodboards with styles of illustraiton and concepts. Think about how your style of illustation could possibly relate your film choice? Print off and bring to class.

Make (1) moodboard of symbols, places, and other elements from the movie.

Make a word list and use visual disgrams to come up with symbols and ideas. What symbols can you combine to create new ideas? Print off and bring to class.

Take special note of characters, places, symbols and time periods that you can use as we move foward. 

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Take a look at moodboards and discuss posssible directions. Talk about symbolism and icon sets.


(50) Sketches of possible symbols for your movie. Explore different styles, levels, details and other ideas.

(10-15) Explorations of Style. Even within a given a style you have room to explore. How much detail? Limited color etc?

Are you going to draw characters? If so how detailed? Are you going to use objects? Think about what is in your specific movie. 

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Review moodboards / styles to explore.


Refine your sketches and begin to move them into sets. What framework or style rules can you establish that allow all your symbols to work together to tell the story of the film?

You should have (6) sets of 6 symbols in sketch form for us to review next class. If you need to sketch additonal symbols to better match your sets then you will need to do that as well.  Print each set for review.

You may go ahead and using the computer at this stage or continue with pencil and paper. These sets should be well defined and the explorations/sketches should be tight and easy to distinguisgh.

Continue to explore style and form at this stage.

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Critique Sketches


Continue to explore different executions of your chosen style. Have (3) sets of 10 symbols in your choosen styles to show next class. Continue to explore variations in color and style. Start looking at logo or custom typography for your poster. (25 sketches) 

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Review Icon style explorations


Continue Homework from 10/20. BIG STRIDES!

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Critique Drafts / Style Sets


Pick a final direction/set and begin to create all your symbols in that particular style. Explore color and keep simplicity/symbolism in mind.

(35) sketches for custom type or logo. Move them into the computer.

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Individual Meetings


Finish and refine all your icons over the weekend.

Begin to look at overall compossition and think about different ways your poster could be layed out.

Do 5 different potential layouts of the poster. Continue to explore color pallette as well. 

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Icon Refinements 


Choose a final direction. Refine your symbols with regards to color use / scale / contrast / level of detail etc. How do you symbols tell the story of the film with both what is on screen and what is happening in the plot? REFINE! REFINE! REFINE! 

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Critique Final Posters / Layouts


Continue to refine your symbols and layout. Really get into details and make things consistent. ). Final is due next class. See Deliverables for sizes.

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PROJECT DUE  & Introduce Project 3


Begin Project 3