Project Two
Rocky Mountain Stickers

The Objective

Yearly Volunteer Recognition 
Collectible Sticker Design 


Rocky Mountain National Park has one of the largest volunteer programs in the National Park Service. Over 400 year-round volunteers assist the park with anything from road maintenance to education. Each year, they receive an end-of-year gift packet to thank them for their contributions to the park. To commemorate each year, we launched a yearly collectible sticker to include in this packet. 

Our goal is to have the sticker represent a key theme or topic that the park focuses on each year. In 2021, the park rolled out an initiative called Year of the Tundra, to inform visitors of the unique, high-elevation ecosystem. In 2022, the park focused on returning to normal operations after the COVID-19 pandemic and two wildfires. In 2023, we are focusing on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. 

Your mission: to create a fun, eye-catching sticker that conveys the core message of this year’s theme. 

Key Messages and Themes 

We want to recognize volunteers for their efforts and contributions to the park. Additionally, we want to celebrate the diverse array of projects that volunteers assist with, as well as the various abilities they offer. 

 2023 Theme: Diversity and Accessibility. At Rocky, diversity can mean several things, from initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion in staffing, to the unique physical characteristics that make Rocky famous. Some ideas for representing this could be: 

 • Different ecosystems in Rocky Mountain National Park 

• Diverse wildlife that call Rocky home 

• Various types of trees 

• Accessible trails 



• A sticker design showcasing the theme of diversity and accessibility in the park. 

• Sticker dimensions are 2.5 (width) x 3 (height) inches 

IMG_3545 copy

2 / 20 / 23 


Introduce Project Two

Intro to design brief and meet with RMNP
park team.



Rocky (What is RMNP like to visit? What is unique? What is interesting to visitors?) 
Diversity (What does that mean in the context of the park? What key ideas are there to communicate?)


Make a wordlist of ideas, nouns, adjectives that come to mind about Rocky and make and print two moodboards:

11x17 moodboard of imagery that represents Rocky (photos of the park and wildlife) 

Make a wordlist of ideas, nouns, adjectives that come to mind about diversity and accessibility.

Make and print a 11x17 moodboard of ways that artists and designers have represented diversity and accessibilty.

Bring pencils, markers (thick/thin), crayons, paper, glue, scissors, paint, brushes etc. to make mockups. 

2 / 22 / 23  


Intro to Visual Concepts and small group ideation activity.


In 2.5in x 3in proportions (landscaper or portrait), sketch out 6 visual concepts. Sketch in whatever ways communicates your idea best. For your 6 concepts:

2 must use image combination 

2 must use type as image

Recommendations: (giving yourself rules often helps with variety and consistency) Try:

Using only 2-3 weights of line thickness

Uses only 90 and 45 degree angles in your lines or shapes

build your image using only basic geometric shapes

All concepts can use only two colors.

2 / 28 / 23  


Review 6 concepts and narrow down to 2 final concepts.

Scanning Demo



Refinements based on feedback. Convert any analog sketches to digital. Print your final two concepts on an 8.5x11.

3 / 01 / 23


Review 2 concepts and narrow down to final direction.

 Riso Demo!


Refinements based on feedback. Print your final on an 8.5x11 in color. 

3 / 07 / 23  


Refine and Finalize your sticker.

Turn in your seperations and PDF when ready.

3 / 9 / 23


Project Due! (Class Optional)

come to class if you want to print on the RISO and see the process.

Final Riso and final color print due. Upload final pdf (two color non-riso) to folder. Separations due by Noon to Jeremy's office box.




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