Project One
Typographic Branding

A brand is more than a logo is a phrase you will hear over and over again the professional world of design. Brands are a combination of logos, icons, logotypes, type, color, etc. For this assignment we will narrow the focus to the logo more specifically the logotype.

 You will be creating a logotype and some some supporting marks based one of the choices below. These marks need to be solely composed of typography. These initial word marks should have the name of the business in its entirety. Later will will develop additional marks with a monogram or abbreviation but these will be based on the initial logotypes that you create.

 To create something own able for your business you will likely to have to customize typography in a way that allows the mark to be solely representative of your business. You all likely do not have the experience to draw a custom logotype from scratch so you will need to find typefaces to start with and customize them to suit your needs. 

A logotype refers to words or the name of a business that is designed in a special way.
Examples include: Pinterest, eBay, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, Google, CNN, Kodak, FedEx...


Explore the potential of letterform combinations
Explore how to customized letterforms based on other letterforms
Explore how to make customized letterforms using a grid
Understand primary and secondary font combinations
Understand and create a clear hierarchy

  • (1) 13" x 19" Brand Board
  • (1) Process Book (Digital) (On the server)
  • (1) 9" x 12" Poster (Printed at Full Size)


  • Magic Shop (Mr. Barnum’s Magic Emporium) 
  • Plant Store (Jungle Friends) 
  • Retail Warehouse (Savings Club / $avings Club)
  • Home Improvement (Home Built)
  • Video Arcade Bar (Video-Tron or Red, Blue, Green)
  • Automotive Shop / Garage (Rusty Wrench Garage)

  • Gas Station ( Gas & Go)

  • House Cleaning  (Sunshine Cleaning)

  • Auto Wash (King’s Auto)

  • Bicycle Shop (First Gear / 1st Gear)

  • Book Store (Milton & Monocle)

  • Delivery Service - (Demand Delivery)

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Choose Businesses for Project 1 


Research the category of your bussiness. Do an audit of the brand space as it exists now. Pull example of other brands in the space. Arrange for your process book and for your reference.

(10) Explorations for taglines

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Project One Intro 
Discussion of Type Classifications
Type is a Mood


Take notes on your found type board. What do the letterforms or objects look like and what feelings do they evoke? How would your classify the type? What subtle elements can we pull out to apply to our type choices. Whats fonts make sense for you to choose, etc? Do you want to change how this bussiness would be percieved? Spend some time on this so you can rationalize your choices.

Do (20) Font Pairings. Use only Google Fonts or Adobe Typekit Fonts*

*Use your findings and notes to help with your font pairings below.

Print off the name of you business in (20) of your favorite fonts. (all caps, all lower case, mixed case, etc) Print off so that they are least 1 inch tall) Must be from Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts. (Make sure you put the name of the font onto these sheets for your reference)

Bring Tracing Paper for Next Class!

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Crit Type Pairings & Moodboards
In-Class use type pairings / Tracing Paper to starting altering your word marks to create something unique


Continue to use pencil and tracing paper to alter your name and create something ownable. Make these feel different! Push yourselves. Don't keep repeating the same studies. Focus on the big picture idea at this point. Keep notes on which fonts your using etc.

(60 different studies) 
Use the prompts / categories provided.

Fill these in with dark colors / pen so we can see them clearly unless they are meant to be outlines.

Review: Classification according to form and construction.
Watch: Aaron Draplin Sketching 
Watch: Jessica Hische Magic of Logotype
Read: Type to Logotype

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Crit Pencil studies  
Lecture on dissection / alternation / creation of
type in Illustrator


Move your best (25) versions into Illustrator (Keep in mind consistency and construction when you start altering and creating new type). 

Choose your best (5) from the previous explorations and do 3-5 exploraitons of each,


Draplin Videos / Custom Type


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Fall Break


Continue Homework

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Review Computer Studies


 Choose your best (3) Wordmarks and Explore
(5) Variations of each one. Refine these! Should really get into the details and look at spacing, contrast, etc.

Explore alternative marks and start to form a system within each of the above. Think about what a monogram could be? Rember that a monogram is not neccessarily just two letters. Think about alternative ways to organize your name / brand. Still using only typography but how can you make it interesting and dyanmic?

Begin to explore color within these systems. Think about your color conceptually and don't over expand the palette. Each one of the explorations / systems from above should utilize a different color scheme.

(10) Bussiness card sketches (Explore hierarchy and space. Refer to your initial type studies if you need a secondary font!) You may also need to do additonal explorations. Look at examples of business cards for reference on scale and hoew to layout information.

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Crit Final Wordmarks / Business Cards 
Discuss Business Cards 


(15) Poster sketches. (BW for this Round) (You can use imagery but only from the public domain. / Flickr Commons / Public Domain or Die /  Public Domain Review / NYPL / MET (Make sure open access is checked) / Dover Books / etc.) 

This poster should be 18x24 and advertises the brand! Think about hierarchy and scale. This is a larger form that you are used to working with. The poster should be 2 colors plus black and white. Think about how to use language, what is a headline that fits your brand and grabs your attention. Really explore how type and image can work together?

The Poster Needs to inlcude:

-2+ found images from the sources above
-Subhead / Tagline
-Phone Number
-Copy or sales deal (Would grab this from a competing business or write it yourself. Up to you)

In additon to your poster sketches. For next class bring in black white print outs of your imagery at different sizes. Type at various sizes / Seperate these out so they can be independant of one another.. Also bring tracing paper and clear tape.

Grid File (USE THIS)


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Critique Cards, Posters, and Final Brand System


Refine all your elements. Your Project is due next class. Please read and follow the deliverables carefully. Make sure you pay attention to both digital and physical craft! 

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Projet Due
Switch Classes