Project Two
Symbols to Brands

Creating symbols is ususally the first step in the creation of a brand identity. The next part of the project will build on the work you have already down and allow you to turn your animal into a brand identity for a food truck. 

We will focus on concept and creating a brand identity that connect your animal with a randomly assigned type of food as well two randomly assigned brand attributes. You will need to think outside the box to connect your animal to your food, your food to your attributes and so on.

Have Fun! 

1) Truck Graphics (Use Template Provided)
2) Biz Card
4) Anything else you want to make!

  • 13” x 19” Brand Board  (Logo,wordmark,combinations,icons,colors,typography) (ON SERVER)
  • 13" x 19" Board(s) of Truck  (ON SERVER)
  • (1) Digital Process Book (On Server) (Under 100 MB)
9 / 21 / 21


Presentation of project
Introduce Moodboards
Draw Attributes
Choose Food


Create (2) Distinct moodboards with unique visuals and concepts. AVOID PULLING THINGS THAT ARE ALREADY DESIGNED! CONCEPT IS KING!

(10 Ideas for Names) Think conceptually and outside the box.

Read the following articles / case studies. Pay special attention to way in which brand look and feel is realted to concept and execution:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4

Case Study

9 / 23 / 21 


Review Moodboards / Names


Sketching with pencil and paper (70+ sketches) Explore lots of different ideas not the same ones over and over. Focus on your concept.

Refrence your moodboards and find things to be inspired by while sketching. But do not look at Pintrest, Behance, Dribbble, etc! Your sketches will be overly inspired by things you see. Focus on using your concept to build off while sketching.

Explore type / icon / image / pattern / texture /etc

9 / 28 / 21


Review Pencil sketches and explorations


Begin to move your best ideas into the computer. Lots of ideas and lots of exploration.

9 / 30 / 21


Review sketches and concepts


Continue to build out your computer studies. Bring in (2) distinct visual concepts. Printed on 11x17

Explore literal and abstract concepts for a wide variety of solutions.

Think about your concept? How does that conept manifest itself visually? Typographically? Symobllically? Etc?

10 / 5 / 21


Review Visual Concepts


Refine your chosen visual concept. 

Visual explorations for Truck Graphics and Biz Card.

(5) Trucks Designs
(8) Biz Card Designs

How does your concept build out into these elements? What can you do typographyically and visually to reinforce your concept?

Truck Template


10 / 7 / 21


Critique Sketches and refined visual concepts.


Refine all concepts based on the feedback you recieve in class today. 

Make big strides and try different ideas / solutions. Really refine these into brand systems. MAKE! MAKE! MAKE! and MAKE SOME MORE! 

Project is due 10/14. So you will need to work over break to complete all of the deliverables.

Branding Template 

10 / 12 / 21  


Fall Break (No-Class)


Keep Refining your visuals and feel free to email me for feedback. You need to continue to work over the break to have this a good place to turn in when you come back.

10 / 14 / 21  


Project DUE! 


Pay attention to your deliverables above. Make sure you have turned everything in and in the right format. Push yourself on the details. Think through your typography, visual concepts, and be detail oriented.