Project Two
Posters for Change / Social Justice

Posters can deliver power messages that resonate and become catalysts for change. Poster communicate across generations and some of the most power posters still resonate with us today. 

The visual grammar of protest is reactive and immediate, demonstrating passion and commitment. By themselves, they do not generate progress, but they try to inspire, energize and motivate the society too propel to action.

You will choose and organization advocating for a social justice cause that is important to you. Research the history of the organization and also the social issues that they are seeking to change.

You will design two posters that highlights your organization or social justice cause. You will also create a piece of editorial art that would accompany a feature story about your casue / organization.

All imagery created for this project must be created by you or accessed from a catalog which allows for fair use. Photography must be fair use or created by you.


Process Book (Digital PDF) (Keepfile size under 150 MB) (Google Drive)

(2) 18 x 24 Posters (Digital PDF) (Google Drive)

8 x 10 Editorial Art (Digital PDF) (Google Drive)

Behance Post (Link on Google Drive)

Morning Class Google Drive (Please use project 2 - finals folder)

Afternoon Class Google Drive (please use project 2 - finals folder)

9 / 24 / 20  


Introduce Project Two
Graphic Activism Intro


-Research (2) different organizations / causes that are important to you personally. Make sure these are things that you want to work with for the duration of this project. 

-Design a simple pdf presentation presenting the causes or groups you would potentially want to work with. Talk us through history, audience, issues, existing messaging, etc. If the organization or cause has existing visuals please colelct those as well for your reference. Determine who your audience is? What would they respond to visuals and messaging wise? What is the specific message you want to convey?

9 / 29 / 20  


Review Organization / Causes Research 
Choose Cause / Organizations

Presentation over Visual Concepts 


Before your start please read the link below which focuses on creating visual concepts:

Brainstorm! Use lists, mind mapping, etc? What works best for you?

(35) pencil sketches for poster 1 (Image Based)

(35) pencil sketches for poster 2 (Type Based)

Don’t worry about anything photorealistic or sketching out your idea perfectly. Get close enough that we can get an idea of what you want to do. Use notes or references if you need to.

10 / 1 / 20  


Review Sketches
Presentation over creation of imagery /
alternative methods / etc.


Choose (5) directions you want to take into the computer and begin to move them into the computer. Make sure you are exploring different ideas. Whats the best way to make your posters? Handmade elements and scan in? Photography? Illustration? Type only? etc? Experiment with techniques. These don’t need to be fully formed yet just work on testing things out and playing with compositions.

10 / 6 / 20  


Review Poster Studies



-Narrow to (2) versions / concepts of image poster. Continue to explore composition and style for both. Do (3) compositions or studies for each. Continue to explore different styles and ways to create meaning.

(5) directions for your type based posters moved into the computer. Similar to homework from 10/1. How do you let type become the image and show your concept / call to action.

10 / 8 / 20  


Review Poster Studies
Introduce editorial art 



Narrow to (2) versions / concepts of typographic your poster.

Continue to explore composition and style for both. Do (3) compositions or studies for each. Continue to explore different styles and ways to create meaning.

Continue to explore compossition and style for your image based posters. Over this weekend is the time to explore things you haven't had time to do during the week.

Find an Article for your editorial piece to be based on. This can be from any mainstream publication from anytime in the last few years. You all have free access to the NYT so that is a good place to start.

10 / 13 / 20  


Review Poster and composition studies

Thurs Class Sign Up 


Brainstorm ideas around your article. Word Lists, concept maps etc. GO DEEP! Research your topic and the article further! 

(45) sketches for editorial art. Pencil and paper. Quick and loose focus on the concept and idea versus them looking finished / complete.

10 / 15 / 20 


Small Group Meetings

Review Sketches

Review Refined Posters


Finalize Posters  

(5) editorial studies move into the computer. Consider what the best way to create the things are stylistically? Scanning, Photography, illustration, etc?

10 / 20 / 20  


Review Editorial Art Comps

Project 2 - Finals


Narrow to final editorial art piece 

Explore ways to execute your final piece.

All delvierables due next class.

10 / 22 / 20  


Project (+ Process Book) Due  

Check deliverables to make sure you have everything. 

No Formal Class Today