Project Four
Film Festival Branding

A film festival is an organized, extended presentation of films in one or more cinemas or screening venues, usually in a single city or region. Films may be of recent date or vintage and, depending upon the festival's focus, can include international and domestic releases. Some festivals focus on a specific filmmaker, genre of film (i.e. horror films), or subject matter (LGBTQ+ film festivals). 

Showing a variety of films and genres can present a challenge for brand design since films individually contain their own visual elements.

How can you create a visual identity system that represents films from different eras or different themes and connect them together?

Approaching brand design systematically is essential for designers. This allows for a common visual language to speak in a variety of media and formats. 

You will design a visual identity system as well as  series of posters for your assigned Film Festival ranging in purpose. 



(1) Overall Brand System for Film Festival

(6) Posters for each film from your festival (No Film Stills) (18x24)

(1) Overall Poster for your Festival (No Film Stills)(18x24)*

*This poster should include names of directors, movie titles, dates of release for all your movies.

(3) images 1920 H x  1080 W (These should show off the brand and posters you have created for this project)**

** JPEGS OR PNGS / Please use these exact dimensions and orientations.

(3) Templates for Booklet (Any size or format) Intro Spread, Movie Spread, Other Spread.

The above booklet pages. Are templates that you would pass along to another designer to finish off the rest of the booklet for the festival. So think carefully about how you can design them in a flexible way. These do not need to show a grid and can be be finalized layouts. 

The final deliverables (with the exception of the 1920x1080 images) can be combined in a single PDF presentation in any format / size / as many pages as you need. Think about this as a chance to practice laying out a portfolio project. How can you show off what you made in an interesting way?
(Under 150 MB and placed on the design server)


11 / 16 / 21  


Introduce Project 


Research your films both thematically and visually?  What holds them together? What sets them apart? Do directors share commonality? Etc. A deep dive here will set you up for success.

(25) Name Explorations

(3 Distinct Moodboards for your overall festival ID)

11 / 18 / 21  


Present Moodboards / Concepts


Sketches and initial exploration (Lots of explorations / visuals / sketches)

Think conceptually!

11 / 23 / 21  


Review design exploration / sketches 

Begin to build out two concepts for your overall branding. You will present these two concepts to your classmates. You need to pitch us on your ideas. Do not put all your eggs into one basket. You should be willing to go in either the direction you're present. Make them different and unique. The group and myself will help you decide which direction to pursue.


(2) Distinct Visual Brand Concepts*

*Each Concept should include and overall poster and one individual poster to explore style.

11 / 30 / 21  


Present Brand Concepts

In-Class Activity
Helpful Link


Choose Final Concept and Refine.

Sketches and Explorations for invdidual poster system

12 / 2 / 21  


Review Refined Brand Concept

Review Poster Studies


Refine your concept. Keep exploring and pushing your ideas. 

For Tuesday. Refine your overall concept and work on drafts of all 6 of your individual posters.

Think about how your idea can work for different films while holding them all together. 

12 / 7 / 21  


Review Poster Studies


Refine Posters (Individual)

(5) Concepts for Overall Film Festival Poster

12 / 9 / 21  


Review Poster Studies and overall
branding thus far


Refine all deliverables and think about how to present your final product. 

Concepts / Exploration for Booklet Templates

12 / 16 / 21  


Project Due


Project Due 

Make sure your consult deliverables list above.