Project One
Dollar Store Rebrand / Repackage

Dollar stores are known for selling cheap mass produced items. The packaging generally reflects this and becasue they generally only carry one or two of an item it doesnt need to really sell itself or have a brand. 

Packaging can be a functional way to hold a product and prepare it for retail sale. Packaging can also enhance a brand and make it feel elevated and high end. Think about how brands like Apple and High fashion labels use packaging to products feel premium or elevate the feeling of opening a product. 

 Packaging and branding also play a unique roll in selling a product from the shelf. When a consumer walks down the isle in a store what packaging catches their eye can determine which product they purchase. With this in mind it is important to design packaging in a way that grabs viewers attention.

For this assignment you will take a dollar store item chosen at random and develop both a new identity and an updated packaging system. This goal of this project is to elevate an item that you would purchase at a dollar store into something that consumers would seek out and purchase. Even if the item cannot change quality how can you brand and package it in a way that allows it to feel elevated?


(1) 13"x19" Brand Board (Should include logo system, color, typography, patterns, illustration, etc)

(1) Item packaged at full size. Essentially ready to retail sale. Should hold the item without the need for additional packaging.

(1) 1080 x 1920 Image that shows brand and packaging. (Put on the server)

8 / 26 / 19 


Go over syllabus and introduce project one.


Choose Items

(3) moodboards for different directions for your branding

(2) Moodboards of packaging form inspiration

8 / 28 / 19  


Discuss Moodboards and choose a direction(s) to pursue.


(50) sketches pencil and paper exploring logos, patterns, type and illustration concepts based on your moodboards.

(20) Sketches on packaging forms and concepts / ideas

9 / 2 / 19  

Labor Day - No Class


9 / 4 / 19  


Labor Day (No Class)


(3) Brand concepts (Think about how you will utilize the surfaces and what materials fit your brand. Since we have a lot of different surfaces and spaces we really need to explore how the logo and logo system can work in different ways. 

Push these to feel really different!

Take another look at your packaging moodboards. What forms do you want to explore / which work best with the directions your starting to pursue? 

9 / 9 / 19  


Critique Brand Concepts
Narrow to (1-2) Directions


Refine! Your chosen brand concept. Decide on your final packaging form and bring in 1-2 dielines drawn at full size. Also make mock ups (these can be smaller and without graphics for us to look at).

9 / 11 / 19  


Critique Brand Concept and
Packaging Dielines


Refine your brand concept. Think about how to use secondary elements like illustration and patterns.

Bring in dieline flat with graphics applied or full mock. This depends on where are at in the project and whether or not you have chosen a direciton yet?

9 / 16 / 19  


Critique Final Packaing


Bring in packaging mocked up at full size with graphics applied. Think about how you can take advantage of all the surfaces? How can you use illustration, pattern, and type? How can you conintue to use the logo in different ways?

9 / 18 / 19  


Project Due


Begin Project 2