VISC 304

Design Understanding

Exploration of the relationships among people, places, and the visual objects and information they use. Attention on the different roles of the designer as observer, empathizer, communicator and experience builder. Introduction to information design processes and procedures of understanding by ordering data into useful and persuasive information tools and experiences. Various methodologies will be explored for visualizing information for clarity, resonance, and editorial voice with special attention to the relationships among audience and context in the creation of meaning. If this course is required under the major studies section on the degree requirement sheet, students must receive a grade of C+ (2.3) or higher to continue on to the next course in the sequence.

VISC 202

Elements of Typography

Elements of Typography provides an introduction to the discipline, function and tradition of typography as it relates to visual and verbal communication. Topics to be presented include the historic evolution of typography, the anatomy of typography, syntax and communication, legibility, readability, and technology. Emphasis will be on the interrelationships of letter, work, line and page. Projects will examine type families and their structure, two-dimensional typographic space, language sequence, information hierarchy and typographic aesthetic. Prerequisite: VISC 201 or permission of the instructor. 

VISC 302

Typographic Systems

Further exploration of typographic form and manipulation of variables which affect content; stresses the importance of typographic composition as an integral component of visual communication design. Projects examine advanced structures of typographic space, work-image structure, and typographic details and aesthetic.

VISC 520

Designing for Change

Exploration of visual identity problems utilizing a holistic, systems approach to design. Introduces business and design strategies associated with brand development. Emphasis on the methods of thinking and research which precede the making of design as well as the importance of writing to the graphic design profession.

ADS 560

Icons, Logos, & Symbols

Class will explore the creation of symbols, icons and logos. Workflow and ideation will also be explored. An understanding of Adobe Illustrator is an essential prerequisite for this class.